Monday, March 09, 2015

New Baby Boy -

Happy March 2015! Where does the time go?

Obviously I am way behind in this announcement - Zachary Ryan was born December 5th 2014 @ 9:51 PM.  I could not be any more in LOVE. I seriously forgot how wonderful the newborn stage is. Zac is three months old now - and he's a chunk - and he's such a happy baby. Will post more pictures soon!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Baby Boy Update - Week 30!

Ya'll dealing with a toddler and being 30 weeks pregnant is no joke! Whew!

But I wouldn't change it for the world...

Mama's been tired. 

I failed my first hour sugar test, so I had to come back for the second round of glucose testing. Still waiting patiently on the results from that. . . Yuck, what an awful feeling to get a three hour sugar test. I hate needles! 

So far, so good - baby is  healthy & growing! I'm guessing I will have a 10lb baby!!! 

Next week, sweet Taylor will celebrate her 3rd birthday party. Where does the time go? We are having a Sheriff Callie Birthday Theme so as soon as I get a chance, I will post pictures! 

Friday, September 05, 2014

Baby Boy, Baby Boy, Baby Boy Nursery Themes!

It's been a while since I've posted, been super busy - but I figured I put up a post to say we are having a little boy + I am loving all those pinterest inspired boy posts! I have to tell ya, pinterest is amazing when it comes to any type of home decor, but you all know this.

Have you searched for all the different types of nursery ideas?! Mom's get so creative! JEALOUS! :)

Here are some ideas I'm currently channeling for Baby BOY's nursery!

While I'm not a big fan of the blue & grays, I love the idea of having a wall of picture frames where when combined share a cute story. I'll keep you posted on what I come up. 

This is more my style. My home is rustic, and it's a boy. Plus my husbands quite outdoor obsessed. 

Check this out - Love this lamp idea - so clever!

These are a couple of ideas that I'm sort of obsessed with. I'll keep you posted on the finished product but I can share with you that it includes knotty pine - so stay tuned folks!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Working Hard - Staying Alive

It's been a busy couple of months in the Watson household:)

Taylor has officially learned how to write the letter "T" - for being a 2 1/2 year old I'm pretty impressed - but I just love my baby girl so even if she fell all the time, I'd still love her :)

We've also been encouraging Taylor to start sleeping in her own bedroom. This whole attachment parenting worked perfectly in the first two years, but it was time to start the transition to big girl bed. She just loves it so far. - the battle has not been as bad as I thought it would be. 


This week I am currently in Grand Rapids for work travel -the city of Grand Rapids is absolutely amazing. The bright lights and the atmosphere make it so trendy. I can say that I have never been to Grand Rapids and that's pretty sad since it's only 3 hours away from where I live. . . . 

Its a beautiful city - and I just learned what KRAFT beer was? I think I am spelling it right!??!?!  

Thank goodness for technology because Taylor and I have been able to Facetime with each other every three-four hours! I love it :) I'll be home on Friday, and will be looking forward to relaxing with my family. Sometimes training's for can be so exhausting.....


So, we are currently working on taking down some more trees on the property  - and we painted the outside of our garage door black - and it looks so good, - I'll post a picture soon - we stole the idea from Pinterest. . . . 

Hope you all have a great week! 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Cold Winter 2014

Can't believe it's already March! 2014 has been cold, cold and polar vortex cold! 

We have had more -15 degrees this year than any of the other years of my life. 

It's been so cold that my poor doggy isn't allowed to be outside to play - he goes out to potty and we have him come back inside. He's gaining weight because of it, but I'm not going to let him freeze outside. Was so bad the other night that we had to literally go outside to help him come in because the cold snow crippled his legs! :( Breaks my heart when I think of all the dogs that are left outside during this mess. . .

We are working on some updates to our house -  Will do my best to keep you all in the loop. 

We are re-staining our cathedral ceilings and are in the process of planning when to rip out our carpets and install hard wood floors. We are both over carpet! It was fun while it lasted. 

Being trapped in your house all winter longs makes you realize the updates you need to make to your house....

Just wanted to give you all a quick update! 

Stay Warm! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Sweet little Taylor had fun last night making her Valentines cards - We are all about the Monsters Inc this year, and she loved Monsters University! I had to make them somewhat girly so we made it an activity and she put girly stickers on them :) 

Hope you are all having a fabulous Valentines Day! :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Toddler Activities

I wanted to share with you a quick idea on how to keep your two year old busy while you are trying to get work done.

Really Simple. Really Really Simple. Simply Simple :). 

I have tons of scrapbook paper laying around (really you can use any type of colored paper). I just cut up silly shapes and put a color on an envelope. I started with 4 different colors and Taylor's responsibility was to put the correct colors of scrap in each envelope with the proper color. (I just used a glue stick to stick the colors on the envelope)  - It was a really good activity - and it kept her busy for over an hour while I was able to get some housework done! 

When she was all done, we went through all the envelopes to check to see if the colors match! To my surprise, she did a lot better than I expected! She just loved it.
Happy Sunday! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quick Purple Bathroom Remodel

Last weekend, we did a quick little bathroom remodel to our master bathroom. 

It consisted of just a quick color change - and adding in a few picture frames. 

Check it out - we are in love :) 

Believe it or not, you can make a bathroom look like a million bucks without having to shop at West Elm, Macy's, or Pottery Barn. 

I was on a mission for deep purple - and I found my floor mat, and shower curtain at K-Mart! 

Picture frames I purchased @ Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Taylor's 2nd birthday party. She is currently obsessed with Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse, so we decided to have a birthday gathering for her at our home.

We had such a good time with her party and getting it all decorated! Check out the pictures. 

Need chair covers? We had Creative Seating By Design bring them and we just set them up for the day.

Her Minnie Mouse costume came from Kohls. 

We had about 30 guest attend and it was adorable! Wish I had more pictures to share but I was busy entertaining. . . We had a hot dog diggity dog bar and I also printed off pictures of Google images of the mickey mouse characters and put those in dollar store frames. Each of the kids who attended also got goody bags and was able to take home a frame if they liked. 
Most of the supplies came from Great Party. 

My favorite part was watching her open up gifts and cards! She loved it :) 

Her Minnie Mouse Clubhouse party was a success! Please feel free to comment with any question + have a great end to your week!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Keeping a TWO year old busy. . .

I'm not claiming to be a SUPER mommy - and I have actually copied a few ideas from pinterest - but I wanted to share with you some quick ideas to keep a 2 year old busy while you are trying to get some house cleaning done.

First thing we did earlier this week - was sticker books! I just gave her plain pieces of paper, crayons and stickers and it kept her super busy for over an hour! She just loved it - of course, I made it super fun because I gave her some snacks and orange juice while she created beautiful artwork. I also gave her her favorite stickers Minnie Mouse & Clubhouse friends! 

The next thing we did later in the week was  play-doh!  I went to Dollar Tree and bought off brand play-doh (non toxic kind) and just let her play and play with them on a Sunday morning while I was able to get in laundry and fold most of my clothes from the night before! She loved them and also loved that daddy played too (and was helping her with colors along the way)

Later on in the day - I have always seen this on pinterest and wanted to try it, I just didn't want to deal with the mess. I let her play with cloud dough. Just using flour + some type of oil (no baby oil) I just used some dollar store canola oil - and let her go to town. We made the mix together and then she added in her famous "Let me do it" and I just let her have fun on my kitchen floor. It does make a mess but it's super easy to clean up and she stayed in one place the entire time. IT really is not a big deal. and I was able to get all the kitchen counters cleaned, dishes load, dinner prepped and cooked while she played! 

Just a couple of side notes: I did not let her play with the the play-doh unsupervised, even though it's non-toxic, I kept my eyes on her mostly and when she plays with it, it has to be in the living room where everyone can see her. 

Taylor also used the stickers as "play band-aids" with her baby dolls too which lead to playing doctor "doc stuffins" which is another idea I have for later this week during clean up time! 

Also, she would of been just as happy playing with regular flour and not adding the canola oil. She was loving the texture of just the flour. 

Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend!!!!!!


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